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Resident Committees

Our resident committees are dedicated to making the Del Webb Community a more beautiful and safe place for residents to enjoy.

Below you will find:

  • Information regarding Architectural Guidelines
  • Past Safety Committee Articles
  • Information on the Financial Advisory Committee
  • Hurricane Preparation Packet

Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Indira Kleen - Chair, Gina Witzleben - Co-Chair, Russ Sparks, Marilyn Brunner, Joost Keesing, Leonard Lomangino - Alternate

The purpose of the Architectural Review Committee is to make approval or denial decisions based on the Del Webb Orlando HOA Guidelines; regarding any changes to an existing residential home, including everything from additions and swimming pools to landscape and gutters. Changes or improvements to a home or landscaping may be made only after receiving written approval from the Architectural Review Committee. In order to have your package reviewed it must be submitted to 500 Del Webb Blvd by the Wednesday prior to the meeting date.

ARC Documents 

ARC Application (Revised 3.2020)

Generator Quick Application  (Revised 9.2019)

Satellite Dish Quick Application

Past Meeting Minutes

Design Guidelines (Revised 11.2019)

House Paint Schemes

ARC Common Wording

Charter Club Advisory Committee (CCAC)

Alice Kalamar - Co-Chair, Walt Roth - Co-Chair, Karen Oberrath - Member, Mark Manzo - Alternate

The Chartered Club Advisory Committee (CCAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors, Lifestyle Director and Community Association Manager.  The committee reviews and approves applications for new chartered clubs and provides oversight to the Chartered Clubs and various Special Interest Groups under their auspices.  Further, this committee monitors clubs' adherence to the chartered club rules, regulations and procedures, and makes recommendations to the Lifestyle Director for updating and changing the rules, regulations, and procedures to improve clubs' understanding and operations.  The CCAC will hold committee hearings that involve club vs club disputes, club conflicts, or club member violations and will make recommendations to the Board on an alleged club dispute, club conflict or club violation.  Members of the CCAC shall be appointed and shall serve at the discretion of the Board.

Club Page

Communications Advisory Committee (CAC)

Ken Lindberg - Chair, George Vamos - Vice Chair, Larry Artim, Jim Setaro - Alternate

To ensure that open channels of communication are maintained between the Board of Directors, Del Webb Homeowners Association, Community Association Manager, Del Webb Orlando Homeowners (members of the Association) and Ridgewood Lakes Master Association so that all pertinent information is accurately exchanged between each.

CAC Documents

Past Meeting Minutes

Financial Review Advisory Committee (FRAC)

Chair - Fred Crane.  Members -  Frank Sultzman.       Alternates - Karen Dally

Fines and Suspension Committee (FSC)

Don Carey, Don Jennings

La Tapenade Tavern Committee (LTTC)

Val Nassar co-chair, Bill Witzleben co-chair, Mike Wright, Suzanne Gray, Brendan Barry

Rules Advisory Committee

Dimitra Nicastro – Chair, Fred Crane, Alice Kalamar, Frank Ritchie, Barry Schlegel

Safety Advisory Committee (SAC)

Jim McTigue- Chair, Jim Holdread, Ron Miller, Ken Overfield, Bob Gerber

Safety Advisory Committee Application

Safety Advisory Committee Documents

SAC PowerPoint Presentation 11.29.17

Past Newsletter Articles

Safety Issue Submittal Form (Updated 9.19.18)

Safety Committee Project List 5.8.18

Hurricane Preparation Packet (Updated 7.2019)

DWO Specific Hurricane Season Preparation

Transition Committee

Transition Committee FAQ

Committee Update May 2020

Chair: Barbara Demers; Vice Chair: Dimitra Nicastro

Association Documents Team: Debbie Badger, John Bavlish, Kathy Worley

Facilities Team: Greg Garner, John Ham, Bob Gorecki

Finance Team: Annette Jensen, Jeff Krieger, Martin Santana

Infrastructure Team: Pradeep Suresh Mehta, Linda Spence, Doug Stamm

Maintenance Team: Ed Matecjeck, Brian Keller, Jim McTigue

Operations TeamCassandra Willette, Alice Kalamar, Candy Maroney

Special - Contracts/Legal Team: Bill Blake, Bob Brunner, Michael Yatsko

The Transition Committee was chartered in June 2019 by the DWO Board of Directors to ensure that Del Webb Orlando (DWO) Residents are aware of all the details of the community as well as be aware of any assumed liabilities or agreements set in place by the Developer during the lifetime of the development process. Also to ensure that The DWO Homeowner’s Association is postured for current and future success of the community once the Developer has exited (expected in 2020)

The Transition Committee is organized into seven 3-person teams to cover all aspects of the community during the transition. The Committee will ensure a smooth transition from developer to homeowner’s control, partnering with the Developer and the Management Company. They will accomplish this by gathering, assessing/analyzing, and verifying/validating data, then identifying gaps, and making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Technology Committee

Rich Waganer – Chair, Bob Brunner

New Resident Fact Sheet 

Updated May 11th, 2020






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The next ARC Meetings will be:               


August 19th at 9:30am


Trash Pickup - Please follow the link below to view your scheduled pick up days. For additional information regarding bulk items and Holiday scheduling, please call Polk County at (863) 284-4319 or go to their website directly:


  • Mosquito Control - Polk County fogs the community periodically to assist with lowering the mosquito population. This typically takes place during late evening hours.