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Resident Committees





Our resident committees are dedicated to making the Del Webb Community a more beautiful and safe place for residents to enjoy.



The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) works with homeowners and with the Del Webb Orlando HOA Board of Directors, HOA staff, and other homeowner committees and groups to ensure that community aesthetic and architectural standards are maintained. The ARC reviews applications for all exterior improvements, from satellite dishes to solar panels to screen enclosures to landscape work.  ARC members are guided by the Del Webb Orlando Homeowners Association governing documents, including, but not limited to, the Design Guidelines, ARC Standards, the Amended and Restated Community Declaration for Del Webb Orlando At Ridgewood Lakes (including supplements, exhibits and amendments).  The ARC typically meets twice a month, on Wednesdays, and applications must be received by the HOA staff at least 7 days before a meeting.  Meeting dates are posted on this website, and meeting notices and agendas are sent to all homeowners.  Homeowners are encouraged to attend ARC meetings to discuss their applications, understand the process, and ask questions.

Gina Witzleben - Chair

Russ Sparks- Vice Chair

Marilyn Brunner - Member

Rhonnie Fox - Member

Amy Ewing-Holmstrom - Member

Stephen Hensley - Alternate Member 

Committee Charter--Architectural Review Committee 

Applications & Forms 

Past Meeting Minutes

Design Guidelines (Revised 11.2019)

Design Guidelines for Community Review

House Paint Schemes

Approved Roof Replacement Colors

ARC Common Wording



The Chartered Club Advisory Committee (CCAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors (BOD) and works with the Lifestyle (LS) Director and Community Association Manager.  Members of the CCAC shall be appointed and shall serve at the discretion of the BOD.

For the benefit of the community, and with the goal of maintaining and improving the activities of Chartered Clubs and Special Interest Groups, the Committee supports the establishment of new Chartered Clubs and Special Interest Groups, provides oversight ensuring clubs observe rules and guidelines, provides guidance and support to club officers, provides conflict resolution within and between clubs, and evaluates club requests for action.

In addition, the CCAC may be empowered to act on other club and group matters as deemed necessary by the BOD.

Ken Overfield - Chair

Mark Manzo - Member

Frank Sultzman - Member

Beth McTigue - Alternate Member

Committee Charter--Chartered Club Advisory Committee

Club Page



The Communications Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and reports directly to the Board.  The Committee is responsible for advising the Board on communication matters affecting the Association.  The Committee is charged with investigating similar communities for communication techniques, reviewing and recommending best practices and other new forms of communication as required and providing communication assistance to other Board committees as needed.  The Committee may be empowered to act on communication matters as deemed necessary by the Board.


Amy Cossa - Chair

Terry Miller - Member

Fred Crane - Member

Sharon Conti - Member

Committee Charter--Communications Advisory Committee

Past Meeting Minutes



The Community Guidelines Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and reports directly to the Board.  The committee is charged with establishing sustainable rules and regulations that reflect the DWO mission and governing lifestyle values.  The established standards will guide members’ activities and allow the Board and Management to hold members accountable for their actions and adherence to recognized Community Guidelines.  The Committee is charged with establishing a governance model that will ensure inclusiveness through structured dialogue soliciting feedback from residents and by exploring other 55+ Communities precedent setting norms.  The Committee shall draft new or suggest changes to guidelines and policies and provide recommendations to the Board that will enable the accountability from the HOA Members.  Members of the Community Guidelines Committee shall be appointed and shall serve at the discretion of the Board.

Alice Kalamar- Chair 

William Dvorak- Member  

Ruth Snyder- Member  

Cricket Young - Member

Committee Charter--Community Guidelines Committee

Past Meeting Minutes




The Facilities, Maintenance, Infrastructure and Utilities Advisory Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and the Community Association Manager.  The Committee is tasked with advising and providing recommendations on aspects relating to facilities, maintenance, infrastructure, and utilities at Del Webb Orlando.  The Committee will assist management in establishing a robust structured preventative maintenance and corrective maintenance program that will be effective and consistent.  The Committee will also provide to the Board ongoing accurate records and reports relating to asset management and property inventory.  In addition, the Committee may be empowered to oversee other facility, maintenance, infrastructure, or utility matters as deemed necessary by the Board.


Jim Fleming - Acting Chair

Steve Kuethe - Member

Victor Petrelli - Member

Committee Charter--Facilities, Maintenance, Infrastructure, Utilities Advisory Committee



The Financial Review Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and reports directly to the Board.  The committee is responsible for advising the Board on issues affecting the financial position of the Association, as well as acting as a liaison to residents and other committees.  This includes reviewing financial statements, budgets, audits, addressing transition financial issues, identifying issues and concerns, and providing recommendations to the Board of Directors on budgetary and financial matters that affect the Association.  Members of the Financial Review Committee shall be appointed and shall serve at the discretion of the Board.

Linda Larson - Chair

Frank Sultzman - Member   

Annette Jensen - Member

Meryl Rubinstein - Member

Karla Allan - Member

Dan Young - Member

Committee Charter--Financial Review Committee



The Fines and Suspensions Committee (FSC), as required by F.S. 720.305(b), reviews cited violations when a fine and/or suspension has been proposed by the Board.  Members cited with rules violations by the HOA Community Manager have the right to a noticed and open hearing before the Fines and Suspension Committee.  The DWO HOA FSC will act as the Owner’s “Jury of Peers” comprised of conflict-free and eligible members selected by the Committee’s Chair.  The Jury of Peers will deliberate and determine whether there has been a violation of the Association’s governing documents, rules, or restrictions.  At the noticed Fines and Suspensions Committee Meeting hearing both the Management of the Association and the Owner or agents of the Owner will have the opportunity to present testimony and evidence or to explain, defend or justify their actions or inactions.  The “Jury of Peers” will deliberate on all the information presented.  The purpose of the “Jury of Peers” is to determine by a preponderance of the evidence and majority vote whether the violation(s) either occurred or did not occur.  The findings and recommendation are documented as Committee Meeting minutes which is thereafter provided to both the Owner and the Board by mail or hand delivery as required by law.  The Board at a subsequent Board Meeting may then impose penalties (including fines and/or suspension of privileges) consistent with the Committee’s findings and Florida law.


Alice Kalamar - Acting Chair/Secretary

Drew Baker - Member

Jim Bellew - Member

Cynthia Nguyen - Member

Linda Overfield - Member

Richard Poncheri - Member

Ruth Segarra - Member

Committee Charter--Fines and Suspension Committee



The La Tapenade Tavern Committee will provide the direction and actions required to establish and operate a friendly and inviting venue where residents can socialize, eat, and drink.  The La Tapenade Tavern is operated by volunteer residents, who will be treated with respect and gratitude, and whose efforts will result in a self-supporting enterprise for the benefit of the Del Webb Orlando Homeowners Association.


Ed Matejceck - Chair

Maureen Bishop - Member  

Patricia Hilsen - Member

Lori Anderson - Member

Rae Crary - Member

Kathy Worley - Member

Claudia Innes - Member

Committee Charter--La Tapenade Tavern Committee 



The Del Webb Orlando Enrichment Lifestyle Committee (eLife) will serve in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and the Community Association Manager.  The eLife Committee is tasked with providing a variety of lifestyle and learning experiences for the residents in the areas of Social Connection; Entertainment;  Education and Technology;  Art, Music, and Culture;  Games;  Community Engagement; and Fitness and Wellness.  The eLife Committee shall work with the Lifestyle Director to develop the eLife calendar and programs; champion and serve as ambassadors; and recruit, organize, and facilitate programs. 

Kevin Coughlin - Co-Chair (with Lifestyle Director)

Beth Hofmann - Vice Chair

Maureen Bishop - Member

Georgia Duggan - Member

Dawn Matejceck - Member

Val Nassar - Member

Cindy Welker - Member

Committee Charter--Lifestyle Enrichment Committee



The Del Webb Orlando Homeowners Association (DWO HOA) Safety, Security, and Health Advisory Committee (SSAHC) will be comprised of members of the Del Webb Orlando community.  The Committee is charged with attaining a comprehensive understanding of safety, security, and community health issues that may exist within DWO.  In potential mitigation of any issues identified, the SSAHC will consider and recommend measures to the Board of Directors that are designed to improve the levels of safety, security, and health in the community environment in order to enhance the overall quality of life for DWO residents.  In addition, the Committee may be empowered to act on other safety, security, and health matters as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.  Operating guidelines for the SSHAC may be developed, approved, and implemented by the committee as delineated in an Addendum to this charter.


Everett Poore - Chair

Joseph Braun - Member

Wallace Newkirk, MD - Member

Steve Hensley - Alternate Member


Committee Charter--Safety, Security, & Health Advisory Committee

Safety, Security, & Health Advisory Committee Application 

Safety, Security, & Health Advisory PowerPoint Presentation 11.29.17

Past Newsletter Articles

Safety Issue Submittal Form (Updated 9.19.18)

Safety Committee Project List 5.8.18

Hurricane Preparation Packet (Updated 7.2019)

DWO Specific Hurricane Season Preparation 



The Technology Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors and reports directly to the Board.  The Committee is responsible for advising the Board on technology matters of the Association.  The Committee is charged with investigating, advising, testing, demonstrating, and obtaining information on technology to serve the needs of the Association.  As technology is pivotal to all workings of the HOA, the Committee may serve as a liaison to other committees, the Board, and Management.  In addition, the Committee may be empowered to oversee other technology matters as deemed necessary by the Board.

Bob Brunner – Chair

Susan Keegan - Member

Jim Douglas - Member

Kurt Umscheid - Member

Patrick Powers - Member

Committee Charter--Technology Advisory Committee 

Technology in the Clubhouse

Meeting Minutes




The Transition Committee post turnover shall advise the Board on items related to the transition from the developer to homeowner control of the Association.  The focus will include items related to potential construction defects and legal requirements as related to the turnover.  The Technology Committee along with Management will also oversee any residual items as related to the final development of the community by the developer.  This Committee will be responsible to work with any external experts called upon related to turnover concerns.

John Bavlish -  Chair

Bill Blake - Member

John Ham - Member 

Committee Charter--Transition Committee

Transition Committee FAQ

Committee Update May 2020











  DWO November 2021 Breeze 


DWO November Updated Calendar 

 Club & Special Interest Group Booklet 




Hurricane Season Preparation

Full Hurricane Guide



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New Resident Fact Sheet Updated

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The remaining ARC Meeting for 2021 will be:           


December 08, 2021



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